Locally Grown Insurance

When people “buy local”, they do it for many reasons—the quality of the product, the reputation of the purveyor, the attention to craftsmanship and service. Our local roots are deep—we’ve been working with dedicated independent agents in your neighborhood to cover homeowners, drivers, and businesses for nearly 200 years.

“Locally Grown Insurance” embodies everything The N&D® Group has always stood for:

  • Our employees and agents live, work, and shop in your communities. So we know the people, the region, and the weather. We are committed to providing the best local service possible, from our fleet of Automated Claims Vans that can mobilize for fast, accurate, on-site appraisals and are equipped to provide settlement checks on the spot, to the fact that you can still visit our Dedham, MA headquarters and pay your bill in person, we are there when and where you need us.
  • We work with our valued network of the highest quality local independent agents. We set the bar high and make sure agents meet our demanding standards before they are appointed on behalf of our group. And we maintain close relationships with them to ensure the quality stays high.
  • A thriving community depends on the generosity of businesses who call it home. We are dedicated to the community through our work with local charitable organizations.

Because of our personal and local experience, we are able to offer coverage options that are applicable to where you live, work, and drive, and that can be personalized to your needs. Feel free to contact us or reach out to your local agent to find out how we can protect the assets you value, as well as benefit from our generous multiple policy discounts and feature-rich policies.