Reasons To Go Paperless

The rising ubiquity of modern mobile technology means that consumers are more often using their smartphones for tasks once reserved exclusively for snail mail transactions. Our phones allow us to apply for loans, view our bank statements, trade stocks, and now, if you’re an N&D® policyholder, manage your insurance account. We have recently announced the arrival of the new My Insurance® app in iTunes. With our new app, you can sign up for the My Insurance service, view and pay your insurance bills, contact us or your agent, and review your policy information. You can also enroll in paperless billing and policy delivery.

Today, more people are electing to go paperless for correspondence like bills, statements, and other financial documents. And while everyone has their own preferences and considerations, there are good reasons to go paperless:

  • Environment – It may not seem like much when you go paperless, but the amount of paper that is saved when many people move to digital does add up quickly.
  • Security – My Insurance as well as email accounts are password protected and are more secure than outside mailboxes. Not having physical copies of financial information around the house or office eliminates the risk of theft.
  • Convenience – Electronic delivery of bills and policies means you can access your information 24/7.
  • Storage – Not having to file any papers means saving physical space and dealing with less clutter.

If you would like to sign up for My Insurance and enroll in paperless billing and policy delivery, you can do so by downloading the app on iTunes or visiting the My Insurance Website.