N&D Covid Updates: New Jersey Policyholder Update

To our Policyholders,

We at The N&D® Group hope first and foremost that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy in this unprecedented time.

I wanted to provide a brief update on areas that might be of interest to our Policyholders based on questions we have received over the past few weeks:

Remote Workforce

We are proud to report that 100% of our staff is working remotely.

We have been able to track call volume and response rates to ensure that we maintain exceptional levels of service. Based on our early feedback, our employees have risen to each challenge and stepped up better than we possibly could have expected.

Online Bill Pay

Many of the calls we receive are related to billing. If you need to pay a bill, you can do so online at www.NDGroup.com. Our portal will show you what is owed and will allow credit, debit, or bank payments.

Payment Grace Period

We understand that many of our Policyholders are in a difficult financial position as a result of COVID-19 and the accompanying economic environment.

Very early in this crisis, The N&D® Group made the decision to temporarily suspend cancellations for nonpayment of premiums as well as to renew policies even if a balance was owed. Late payment fees were simultaneously suspended. Late payments that occur during this time period will not be considered in any future premium calculations at any time, nor will late payments be reported to credit agencies.

Policy payments are still required, and the least disruptive option is always to pay your bill on time. This grace period is not intended to change the terms of the issued policy, nor to be considered a forgiveness of the premium. Rather, it is an extended grace period for the payment of premium due without penalty or interest.

This grace period is extended to all New Jersey Policyholders through August 1, 2020.

Please be advised, full or partial payments may be made on www.NDGroup.com by clicking the “Pay My Bill” button at the top of the page.

Upon the conclusion of the grace period, Policyholders will receive an invoice that reflects the full balance of all unpaid installments. Our billing department will be happy to provide extended payment options for the balance due for any Policyholder that is unable to make full payment at that time.


Claims handling is another area impacted by this crisis. We have developed protocols designed to prevent contact with and the spread of COVID-19.

When we are able, claims will be handled remotely and virtually. We are able to handle many claims through text message communication and self-inspections. Wherever possible, we are avoiding in-person claims adjustment.

If in-person claims adjustment is necessary, we will contract with independent adjusters that have proper measures in place to ensure the safety of our Policyholders.


We are receiving many questions about how our Policyholders can opt for paperless policy and invoice delivery. It takes about five minutes to sign up for My Insurance, our Policyholder portal, at https://MyInsurance.NDGroup.com. On the left side of the My Insurance home screen, or under Account Settings on a mobile device, you can choose paperless delivery of policies and bills.

As always, we are prepared to fulfill our mission, “To provide financial security to our Policyholders through an exceptional client experience affording them peace of mind.” If we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out at 800-688-1825.


Joel P. Murray
President & CEO
The N&D® Group