Evolving Coverage for Cyber Exposures

Colby Hewitt Headshot
Colby Hewitt, CPCU, Chief Marketing Officer, The N&D Insurance Group

We are happy that our Chief Marketing Officer, Colby Hewitt had written an article that was featured in the Special Focus on Small Business Coverages issue of The Standard about the evolving challenges that Cyber Risk exposures pose to businesses:

Cyber security can be a frightening and confusing topic. The news bombards us with reports of hackers and gangs disrupting oil pipelines, infiltrating web services companies and stealing private data from massive chain stores. Horror stories abound regarding attacks to all scale and manner of businesses and individuals.

We see with increasing clarity that, no matter how large and savvy or small and innocuous, every person and business is exposed to cyber hazards. Furthermore, individuals working from home may be at greater risk of compromise.

With awareness comes demand, with demand a market opportunity, and with that opportunity a responsibility to provide solutions to policyholders.

You can read the full article here

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