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Homeowners Insurance

This video explains what most policies cover (and don’t cover). Watch and learn about liability, additional living expenses and other coverages in your insurance policy. And discover that protecting your family’s home and belongings with a policy that balances your needs and budget doesn’t have to be a chore.

Child Proofing

Many household items can be deadly to a curious child. SafeKids.org has many videos and other resources that can help you make your home safe for your children.

Dog Bites

Dog bites can be a costly and traumatic experience for everyone involved. This video, from the Insurance Information Institute, explains the fundamentals of responsible dog ownership as well as the costs associated with bites.


Some of the largest, destructive storms in the world are hurricanes. The many facets of a hurricane: wind, rain and storm surge can be a real threat to life and property even several miles inland. For more information on how to make your home more hurricane resistant watch this video from the Insurance Information Institute.


Lightning can be a dangerous and destructive force of nature. The following video, from the Insurance Information Institute, debunks common myths and offers information that could save lives in the event of a thunderstorm.

Summer Safety

Having fun outdoors can expose you to many dangers. Watch the video below, from the Insurance Information Institute, to learn how to keep your family safe.

Simple Steps To Safer Pools

Please take a moment to learn a few pool accident prevention and safety tips from the National Drowning Prevention Alliance.