Are You Covered if Your Home Systems are Damaged?

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If you own a home, you are very familiar with the systems that keep it comfortable and livable–HVAC, water heater, electrical–as well as the electronics and appliances you rely on every day. If you’re a renter, you might not own an HVAC system, but you still have your own electronics, appliances, and exercise equipment that you bring with you.

Did you know that sudden damage to these “home systems” caused by accident, breakdown, or human error is typically not covered under most warranties or service contracts? Repairs can often cost thousands of dollars.

Similarly, if a gas, water, or any other type of service line coming into your home has a rupture on your property, you as the homeowner are responsible, not the utility company. That responsibility includes repair to the line as well as repair or replacement to disturbed landscaping. These costs can quickly escalate.

If you have homeowners insurance, there are coverage options available to fill the gap left by many warranties and service contracts. Check out N&D®’s options for homeowners, condo owners, and renters, providing protection for your home systems and utility service lines for less than $1 a week.